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Are FX Airguns the Best Airguns on the Market?

Are FX Airguns the Best Airguns on the Market?

We get this question often so we thought we would give you our best answer and leave it up to you to determine of the FX Airguns are the best airgun or not. So continue reading to see our thoughts on FX Airguns.

What do you consider the best in an Airgun?

Is it accuracy, ease of use, available calibers, power? It could be a combination of a few or all. One thing is for certain no matter the FX air rifle you end up with they all are so fun to shoot and accurate as hell.

Lets talk accuracy. FX Airguns is known for their accuracy and it is because of the unique barrel system they integrate into their airguns. FX uses the Smooth Twist X barrel system and it delivers accuracy in every rifle from FX Airguns.

Smooth Twist X Barrel system consists of a barrel liner within the barrel that is interchangeable for those that want different twist rates and calibers. So just because you bought one gun, you now have the capabilities of changing calibers in a few minutes with a small parts change. They created different twist rates for those that shoot slugs and heavier pellets. As we get more and more advancements from FX Airguns we are starting to see a trend of slugs shooting. FX Airguns, being the innovators that they are, they created different twist rate to accommodate for the higher powers and speeds.

Why Smooth Twist for FX Airguns?

Smooth Twist is the name of the barre liner as the rifling is pressed in from the outside of the barrel liner. This leaves a polished finish inside the barrel reducing friction and creates superb accuracy.

They Have a New Upgrade Every Week it Seems

Yes FX Airguns seems to innovate faster than most manufacture. This has stopped some shooter from buying an FX Airgun. They do their best to make most upgrade backwards compatible so you have the latest and greatest innovation. So yes they innovate fast but that is what we want as shooters. We always want the best and Fx Airguns delivers that to us as they innovate so that we all can compete at the highest level, hunt ethically, and just enjoy shooting our airguns.

So are FX Airguns the Best?

So, in conclusion, are FX Airguns the best airgun on the market? We think they are willing to push the airgun world to its limits and we support that next level of innovation, but do they tick the boxes mentioned earlier.
Accuracy? Yes in everyone rifle.
Ease of use? Yes they are simple to tune and use.
Available in Multiple Calibers? Yes, most rifles are available in 4 calibers, .117, .22, .25, and.30 cal. The Impact goes all the way up to .357 cal, yeah insane.
Power? Absolutely, all of their rifles can create very usable power in all calibers.

FX Airguns are in competition with themselves right now when it comes to airgun competitions. FX Airguns delivers their best product to you and as fast as they can to keep you ahead of the pursuit of power and accuracy.

If you were looking for an FX Airgun take a look at our Inventory here and lets us know if you have any further questions so you get the rifle that best suit your needs. Full FX Airgun Line Up Here

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