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How to Tune FX Impact M3 with Power Block

FX Airguns thrives off innovation and the FX Impact M3 is packed with very forward thinking features. They have added two regulators to the rifle to give you better longevity and the quick tune system to make it the easiest rifle to tune from FX Airguns. These few changes are just the beginning but if you are wanting to know how to tune your FX Impact M3 with the Power Block then you have come to the right place. With the new power block we have to tame this beast as it is ready to unleash the power. Higher power is great but does not mean better accuracy. High speeds can destabilize some ammunition so follow this guide so you can fine tune your rifle to your needs.

To get started tuning your FX Impact M3 here are some tool you will need along with the tuning points and necessary accessories. 

Tools and Accessories needed to Tune the FX Impact M3:
2.5mm Hex 
FX Chronograph

A chronograph is absolutely necessary to know the changes in speed of your ammunition. The FX Impact M3 is great for being able to share your tune but not every rifle is the same so take the time to set your rifle up to your needs.

The Anatomy of Tuning the FX Impact M3

Valve Adjuster - Located just underneath the barrel and above your air tank. This adjuster allows how far your valve will open. Turning the valve adjuster out away from the action will allow the valve to travel and open further, turning the valve in towards the action will decrease the valve opening. 

Macro Adjuster(Power Wheel) - The larger wheel allows to make bigger adjustment to allow you to have a dual purpose rifle for different ammunition grain weight or different calibers. The Rear Macro Power Adjuster (spring tension hammer wheel) is a quick way to tune the power and accuracy of your rifle and has 16 fixed levels. Note: The rifle must be un-cocked when you turn the power adjuster. 1 is on the low side and 16 is on the high side of spring tension. High spring tension gives more power but will use more air.

Micro Adjuster - The Micro Power Adjuster supports the Rear Macro Power Adjuster (or hammer-spring tension adjuster wheel). This barrel roller on the rifle's side allows you to fine-tune with greater precision. It is easy to operate by rolling the wheel with your thumb and has marked grooves and digits to help you navigate.

Towards 5 is increasing power, and towards 1 is decreasing power.

Note: At the lowest setting 1 on the Rear Macro Power Adjuster, you will not be able to set the Micro Power Adjuster to 5 (max). At the highest setting of 16 on the Rear Macro Power Adjuster, you will not be able to set the Micro Power Adjuster to 1 (min).

There are circles on the scale of both hammer-spring adjusters. We recommended using these as starting points for re-tuning after changing projectile, caliber, or regulator pressure.

FX Impact Dual Externally Adjustable AMP Regulators

The first regulator (located in the bottle adapter in the rifle action) pre-reduces the pressure in preparation for the second regulator (located directly behind the trigger). Dual regulators provide less stress on the second regulator and achieve constant output pressure with fewer deviations. The secondary regulator sets the working output pressure for the rifle.

Important! The first regulator is set from the factory and should, in most cases, not be altered.

Tools required 2.5mm hex key, preferable with ball end. If you do not have access to a hex key with a ball end, you can make the adjustment more accessible by removing the trigger guard. Typically you will want the regulator set at the lowest possible pressure for your desired velocity.


Default Second Regulator settings for Tuning your FX Impact M3

 Caliber Pressure in Bar
.177 85-90
.22 70-75
.25 90-95
.30 100-105
.35 130-135


How to Tune your FX Impact M3 from the Chronograph

Ok so you know where your adjustment points are and now are you are ready to shoot. When dealing with air and springs please know that the springs will begin to settle after a few shots once adjusted. Do not go off the first shot right after an adjustment, do about 3 test shots to confirm the adjustment before moving on.

FX Impact M3 Tuning Starting Point
Valve Adjuster on line 4
Micro Adjuster on 3
Macro Adjuster on 8
Second Regulator set your caliber

Shooting Too Slow

First, get a few test shots to see where your speed is reading. If you are shooting slower than your target velocity, check your regulator and adjust as needed first.

If you increased the second regulator pressure and your velocity dropped, you do not have enough hammer tension to open the valve against the increased pressure. Bring the Macro Adjuster to 16 and test again.

If your Macro Adjustment is on 16 and still slow, check and open your valve adjuster to the 4th line. If it is on the 4th line open the valve adjuster a full revolution and test again.

A little slow? Now is the time to fine tune using the Micro Adjuster to increase those last few feet per second.

Shooting Too Fast

If shooting too fast check your second regulator pressure and bring it down.

If still to fast bring the valve adjuster back in to line 4.

Reduce Micro Adjustments for minor adjustments to reduce velocity

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