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Guide to the Top 5 FX Airguns This Year

Our Top 5 FX Airguns

Airguns have been the topic of many debates over the years, some people love them while others say they’re just not any good. However, one thing’s for sure; FX Airguns are incredibly popular and continue to grow in popularity year on year. But there are so many airguns on the market right now that choosing which one to buy can be extremely difficult as well as frustrating. That’s why we decided to make this article about the top 5 FX Airguns you can find online today!

FX Impact M3

FX impact m3 black 700mm barrel

The FX Impact M3 has permanently changed the world of PCPs. The quick tune system has brought a new level of adjustability and sophistication that airguns had never seen before,. The FX Impact is the most advanced bullpup on the market today. With the new Smooth Twist X system you can tailor the caliber and twist rate to fit any job at hand whether it's punching paper in the backyard or hunting out to a hundred yards or more. This rifle will shoot both pellets and slugs with an incredible amount of accuracy. With its unbeatable accuracy and extreme adjustability, the Impact M3 is easily our number one airgun.

View the FX Impact M3 here FX Impact M3


fx crown walnut stock 500mm barrel

The shooting prowess of the FX Crown MKII is mind-blowing. It’s a powerhouse of an air rifle, designed with the classic look. The FX Crown also features the Smooth Twist X system so you can easily change calibers or switch barrel liners for shooting pellets or slugs. The FX Crown now has a larger internal plenum allowing another level of tunability and power. At only 7 lbs the FX Crown won't wear you out during a long day of hunting, and the accuracy will keep up with the competition at the bench.

View the FX Crown MKII here FX Crown MKII

FX Maverick

fx maverick sniper 700mm barrel

The FX Maverick is a brand-new platform for FX Airguns. A rifle purpose built from the ground up with heavier pellet and slug shooting in mind. The Maverick features the largest power plenum yet on an FX rifle with the latest FX innovation, dual regulators!

The Dual FX AMP Regulators is brilliant in its concept and execution. The first regulator pre-reduces the pressure in preparation for the second regulator. This provides less stress on the second regulator and achieves a more constant output pressure with less standard deviations. Both AMP Regulators can be adjusted externally and should be adjusted in harmony with each other (maintaining a 30-40 BAR difference between the 1st & 2nd regulator). The Dual Regulators work in tandem with the large 89cc Power Plenum. This large plenum, paired proportionately with the correct porting and valving, allows for a more consistent working pressure to be delivered.

The Maverick itself will remind shooters of both the FX Impact and FX Wildcat. Like a perfect blend of the two rifles, it offers the absolute best of both worlds.

View the FX Maverick here FX Maverick

FX Dreamline GRS Laminate Stock

fx dreamline in grs stock green

Classic look with a modern laminate stock. If you are unfamiliar with GRS, they are growing quick in popularity as their rifles stocks are some of the best on the market. The GRS stock hugs the beautiful FX Dream Classic to give you the most comfortable shooting airgun you will ever shoot. With adjustability in the Cheek piece and length of pull, the GRS will feel custom to you and your rifle.

The Dream-Classic is full of adjustments and options to tailor your shooting experience. Adjust the flow of air using the valve adjustment knob. You can also adjust the hammer spring tension and AMP regulator(accessed by removal of the stock) to match the projectile you are shooting. Each Dreamline has the ground-breaking STX barrel system giving shooters the ability to swap barrel liners and calibers as well.

View the rifle here FX Dreamline Classic


fx wildcat mkiii bt bottle version

The iconic airgun bullpup, the FX Wildcat, now comes with power and air capacity to handle slugs and heavier pellets in all their various shapes and sizes. The form and function of this epic airgun has made it the favorite off-hand hunting PCP the last 7 years.

The enhanced power comes courtesy of the massive 89cc Power Plenum, nestled in the stock of the Wildcat. This large plenum really caters towards slug and heavy pellets. Effectively extending both the muzzle energy and thus the range in which you can use this new and powerful Wildcat. (Those preferring classic sized pellets are better served by the standard Wildcat MKIII).

The original iconic Wildcat completely changed the airgun world, offering the perfect offhand shooting air rifle. The Wildcat MkIII BT perfectly matches the advances to slugs and heavier pellets the modern shooter desires, ushering in a new generation to the brilliance of the FX Wildcat.

View FX Wildcat MKIII BT Here FX Wildcat MKIII BT

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