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PARD NV007V Scope Clip-On night vision

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Pard NV007V is an upgrade version of NV007A.

PARD NV007V is a light weight rear mounted night vision add on device allows you to quickly and easily convert your day scope into a state of art night vision rifle scope for close and long range hunting, both daytime and at night. No need to dedicate a rifle to night vision, NV007V is providing a full solution. Simply attach onto the rear of your rifle scope instantly converting it to night vision.

*Easy convert a daytime optic sight device into a night vision scope. 

*1024x768 HD OLED display has advantages of color rendering, power saving, a high contrast image and quick-response, providing clear and smooth images against moving objects, even under low temperature conditions has good performance. 

*Easy fitting aluminum mount with 3 sizes adapter clip-on set switches the optic sight to night vision monocular in seconds.

Pard NV007V Features

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