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Umarex Gauntlet SL (Side Lever)

by Umarex
Original price $529.99 - Original price $529.99
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$529.99 - $529.99
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Umarex's Gauntlet 30 has been a huge hit for shooters and hunters looking for the highest performance and highest value for their shooting dollar and that doesn't change with the Gauntlet SL30.

The SL30 is a natural evolution of the hot-selling and high-performing .30 caliber Gauntlet platform. With a side-lever cocking mechanism, shooting the big Gauntlet becomes easier than ever giving the shooter improved ergonomics and interaction with the rifle.

The Gauntlet SL30 uses the same 7-shot magazine and shoots with the same hard-hitting performance as the original Gauntlet 30. Gauntlet SL30 owners will be pleased to know that they can shoot either pellet or .30 caliber airgun slugs in this new PCP.

Because the SL (Side Lever) was so popular UMAREX has come out with the SL in .22 and .25 calibers!!! That's right you can now get a UMAREX SL in .30, .25, or .22!!! The .30 comes in OD Green and the .25 and .22 come in FDE Tan.

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