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Patchworm Pocket Field Kit

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  • POCKET GUN-CLEANING SET: It’s never been easier or more convenient to clean your air guns thanks to the PatchWorm pocket field kit. Our compact gun-cleaning kit fits in a shirt pocket and uses a flexible polymer "rod" that coils up for transport.
  • MULTI-CALIBER CLEANING KIT: This kit includes 7/8-inch-diameter cleaning patches presoaked with Ballistol Sportsman's oil and 7/8-inch-diameter dry cleaning patches, both in plastic flip-top containers, plus eight 34-inch color-coded cleaning heads.
  • SUPERIOR CLEAN: Many gun-cleaning kits use metal rods to push cleaning patches through the barrel, and others use reusable caliber-specific, rope-like pull-throughs. Our kit uses a flexible rod and fresh cleaning patches for a superior clean.
  • UNIVERSAL MULTI-GUN-CLEANING KIT: The best gun-cleaning kits for all guns are those that are simple to use and easy to carry. Our color-coded cleaning heads range from .20 cal to 12 gauge, and the flexible rod can be coiled and carried anywhere!
  • AIR GUN ACCESSORIES: With this simple and compact cleaning kit, there is no excuse for having a grimy gun. This universal kit is the perfect accessory to add to any shooter's collection. Gift one to your favorite airsoft gun enthusiast today!

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