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FX Panthera

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FX Panthera - Redefining Precision in Airgun Innovation

Step into a new era of airgun excellence with the FX Panthera – a revolutionary slug rifle designed by FX Airguns to set new benchmarks in precision competition. Building upon the storied heritage of FX Airguns, the FX Panthera is engineered to shatter the performance limits of air rifles, delivering a level of technology, accuracy, and versatility that astounds both competitors and enthusiasts alike.

At the heart of the Panthera's cutting-edge technology lies the Dynamic Block, a reimagined breech block meticulously crafted for unparalleled slug firing performance. The cornerstone of this system is the innovative High-Power/Short-Impulse Valve, a compact design with remarkable airflow capacity and efficiency, ensuring consistent power delivery shot after shot.

Fueling the Panthera's remarkable capabilities is the groundbreaking Dynamic Plenum. This over-the-barrel plenum is a breakthrough design that envelops the barrel with a precisely controlled pressurized plenum, enhancing barrel rigidity and allowing for adaptable plenum lengths to suit varying calibers and power levels. The AMP MKII Regulator guarantees precise pressure control, maintaining optimal performance with each trigger pull.

Crafted with competition in mind, the Panthera stock is a marvel of ergonomic design. Featuring a barricade block near the breech and a 14.75" Arca rail adorned with M-LOK sections, the Panthera's balance can be fine-tuned using internal FX Barrel Weights or external M-LOK-compatible weights. The fully adjustable buttstock and ambidextrous cheekpiece ensure a tailored fit for every shooter. The air supply, a 300cc carbon fiber bottle, is conveniently affixed at the rear and utilizes a foster quick disconnect for swift refills.

Innovations abound in the Panthera, including an enlarged breech capable of accommodating projectiles up to 13mm in length. The Standard Side-Shot Magazine remains a staple, now boasting a deeper lid to accommodate longer slugs. Parallel to the FX Impact M3, the Quick Tune System empowers users to fine-tune their experience. A 20MOA Picatinny scope rail, zero-angle AR grip, and adaptable ambidextrous side lever cocking handle enhance versatility. Dual-angled manometers on the block grant visibility into both bottle pressure and controlled plenum pressure.

Elevate your Panthera experience further with a range of accessories. Enhance stability with a bag rider, fine-tune balance with barrel weights and offset M-LOK weights, and explore options like the competition Mini-Mag and Picatinny accessory sections. An optional tungsten hammer offers yet another layer of customization. The precision rifle landscape evolves with the FX Panthera, a masterpiece that embodies the performance of a precision 22LR, marked by minimal recoil and the peerless accuracy and precision that only FX Airguns can deliver. Redefine your shooting experience – embrace the FX Panthera today.

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