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FX Impact Shroud with Barrel Tuner

Original price $149.99 - Original price $169.99
Original price
$149.99 - $169.99
Current price $149.99

The rotating weight at the end of the shroud can be adjusted in small increments that noticeably affect the performance of the air rifle, and the weight can be set without the use of tools, and is designed to maintain its setting without tools as well. The tuner comes with three ends customized for different calibers: .177/.22, .25, and .30. These ends are engineered to improve accuracy and are also threaded to let shooters add a moderator.

To help achieve a higher level of accuracy with a compatible FX air rifle, buy an FX Integrated Harmonic Barrel Tuner today!

FX Integrated Harmonic Barrel Tuner, 500mm - 600mm - 700mm

  • 500mm - 600mm - 700mm lengths
  • High-grade carbon fiber construction
  • Allows barrel dampening and precise tuning
  • Tool-free rotating running weight for micro-adjustments
  • Threaded ends for .177/.22, .25, and .30 cal.
  • Compatible with all models of FX Impact

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