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FX Dynamic Express

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FX Dynamic Express 

The FX Dynamic is not your ordinary competition rifle. It's a purpose-built pneumatic rifle designed to excel in the hunting arena. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and pushing the boundaries of airgun performance, this exceptional rifle offers unparalleled air capacity and configurations, surpassing its competition-focused sister rifle, the FX Panthera. With the option of a .35 caliber variant, the Dynamic delivers a staggering 200 ft lbs of energy while upholding the world-class accuracy and precision that FX is renowned for.

At the heart of the FX Dynamic lies its namesake breech block. Crafted to perfection, the Dynamic block features a one-piece, compact, short-impulse/high-power balanced valve. This innovative design ensures exceptional efficiency, allowing for a tremendous and precise amount of air with each shot. When tuned correctly, the rifle achieves remarkably low single-digit standard deviations, providing you with a significant advantage in the field.

Fueling the Dynamic's power is the state-of-the-art Over-The-Barrel Power Plenum, a revolutionary feature exclusive to FX. This groundbreaking design enables the utilization of multiple plenum lengths, perfectly matched to the caliber and power requirements of the rifle. The plenum also applies consistent regulated pressure to enhance barrel rigidity, optimizing performance and accuracy.

The FX Dynamic offers a range of configurations to suit your specific needs:

  1. Dynamic Express: Equipped with a 480cc carbon fiber bottle positioned directly behind the action, this configuration includes a molded tank cover, cheek rest, and butt pad. The front of the action features a 14.75" long Arca rail complete with M-LOK sections, a bridge, and a barricade block.

  2. Dynamic Double Express: Building upon the Express model, the Double Express replaces the front Arca rail with an additional bottle, providing an immense amount of onboard air storage. This configuration easily surpasses 1,000cc of air volume, ensuring extended shooting sessions without interruption.

  3. Dynamic AR: Designed for versatility, the Dynamic AR features a front-placed carbon fiber bottle and replaces the rear bottle with a folding AR stock receiver (AR stock and buffer tube sold separately). Experience the convenience of a folding stock while enjoying the remarkable performance of the Dynamic.

  4. Dynamic VP: For those seeking a budget-friendly option, the Dynamic VP configuration fits the bill. It comes with a 400cc aluminum rear bottle (wrapped with the FX molded cheek cover and butt pad). The VP variant excludes a hard case and the front FX Arca rail, allowing for future upgrades or customization to suit individual preferences.

Note to FX Dealers: Dynamic Express and Dynamic VP configurations are available for order. Dealers can also utilize existing FX Dynamic kits such as the DoubleAir Adapter Kit and Folding AR Receiver Kit, along with forthcoming Dynamic Barrels, Plenums, and Shrouds, to offer complete built rifles to customers.

The FX Dynamic is available in .177, .22, .25, .30, and .35 calibers, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of shooting preferences. You have the option to select from three barrel lengths: Dynamic 500, 600, and 700, corresponding to their respective barrel lengths. The Dynamic 600 and 700 models come equipped with the FX Superior Slug liner as standard, while the Dynamic 500 utilizes the standard FX Superior STX barrel liner (500mm heavy liners sold separately).

Unlock your hunting potential with the FX Dynamic Pneumatic Rifle. Experience the perfect blend of power, precision, and versatility that sets this rifle apart from the rest. Whether you're competing or embarking on your next hunting expedition, the FX Dynamic is your trusted companion in the pursuit of excellence.

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