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FX Dynamic Double Air Adapter

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FX Dynamic Double Air Adapter

the FX Dynamic Double Air Kit, an innovative solution that allows FX Panthera air rifle owners to move the air tank from the rear to the front or add a second bottle to the front. This kit is designed to provide greater flexibility and convenience to shooters, enabling them to optimize their rifle's performance and balance according to their preferences.

The FX Dynamic Double Air Kit is easy to install and comes with a new bottle adapter and rear plug giving you the flexibility to convert as you need.

By moving the air tank to the front or adding a second bottle to the front, shooters can achieve a more balanced and stable rifle, which can result in improved accuracy and comfort during shooting. And not to mention you get so much more air and increased shot count when adding two bottles. The FX Dynamic Double Air Kit is particularly useful for those who prefer a more forward-weighted rifle or those who need to adjust their rifle's balance for different shooting scenarios.

Whether you're a serious competition shooter or a casual plinker, the FX Dynamic Double Air Kit offers an innovative and versatile solution for optimizing your FX Panthera air rifle's performance. Invest in the kit today and experience the benefits of improved balance, stability, and accuracy in your shooting.

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