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FX Dreamline Power Pup

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FX Dreamline Power Pup PCP Airgun

The latest addition to FX Airguns' constantly evolving, highly adaptable  Dreamline series of PCP air rifles has arrived! Taking the form of a dandy little bullpup, the Power-Pup adds the functionality of a removable cylinder that effectively doubles the air capacity of this already beloved FX Dreamline model. 

Offering the option of either a 400cc aluminum bottle (fillable to 230 BAR) or a 480cc carbon fiber bottle (fillable to 250 BAR) and now boasting an 80cc Power Plenum, the Power-Pup is perfect for those looking to shoot heavy pellets and slugs. Coupled with FX’s standard array of power adjustments like the AMP regulator, transfer port adjustment, and hammer spring tension power wheel, you can tune the Power-Pup to be a slug-slinging powerhouse, or optimize your shot count for use with standard weight pellets.

Other features of the Power-Pup include the use of larger-capacity side-shot magazines (21 rounds in .177, 18 rounds in .22, 16 rounds in .25, 13 rounds in .30,) and smooth side cocking lever, which makes sending rounds downrange nearly effortless. The bottle is attached to the Power-Pup via a Dreamline Bullpup Bottle Adapter which houses the AMP regulator (externally adjustable) and has a foster quick disconnect fill port.

The Power-Pup features an ergonomically friendly, soft-touch synthetic stock, and an 11mm dovetail rail for mounting optics. Newly added barrel supports have been included (not previously available on the first run of Dreamlines.) And don’t forget what is considered one of the best bullpup triggers you’ll ever fire - pulling at a crisp 15 ounces.

All Dreamlines feature the FX Smooth-Twist X barrel system. This gives shooters the ability to change calibers as well as the liner insert for the barrel that allows for different twist rates to be tailored to the different projectiles shooters may want to try. All Dreamline STX barrels are fully shrouded and these Power-Pups each ship with a Donny FL moderator installed.

FX Dreamline Power Pup

  • Available in .177, .22, .25 and .30 cal versions
  • Smooth sidelever cocking mechanism
  • Black synthetic stock
  • FX Smooth-Twist X barrel
  • Barrel length: 600mm (.177) 700mm (.22, .25, .30)
  • Overall length: 33.5" (.177) 37.5" (.22, .25, .30)
  • Magazine: 21-shot in .177, 18 in .22, 16 in .25 and 13 in .30
  • Available with 400cc aluminum or 480cc carbon-fiber air bottle
  • Fill pressure: Aluminum bottle- 230 BAR (approx. 3336 psi), Carbon-Fiber bottle- 250 BAR (approx. 3626 psi)
  • Adjustable match trigger
  • AMP regulator
  • Donny FL Moderator
  • Max muzzle energy: 32 fpe (.177,) 69 fpe (.22,) 84 fpe (.25,) 105 fpe (.30)
  • Max velocity: 1050 fps (.177,) 1020 fps (.22,) 1025 fps (.25,) 970 (.30)

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