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FX Dream Pup

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FX Airguns Dream Pup Rifle

The FX Dream-Pup finally answers the question many airgunners have had: bullpup or standard sport air rifle? Why not both! The Dream-Pup takes the same Dreamline internals as the other models but fits it into a bullpup configuration to shorten the overall length to just 29 inches (33 inches in .25 & .30 caliber due to the longer barrel). Yet it can easily be converted back to a sport stocked rifle with any Dreamline configuration kits.

The Dream-Pup has the valve adjustment knob with the addition of a hammer spring adjuster. Shooters familiar with the hammer spring adjuster on the FX Impact or FX Crown will instantly recognize this 13 setting hammer spring adjustment. Adjustability makes the Dream-pup a versatile bullpup that can not only adjust caliber and barrel liners, but also the regulator, hammer spring tension and air flow needed to find the perfect harmonic balance for the projectile you are using.

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