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Eagle Vision FX Dreamline, Maverick, Crown, Wildcat MK3 Magazines

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Eagle Vision FX Dreamline, Maverick, Crown, Wildcat MK3 Magazine

  • Easier to load
  • Holds pellets more securely
  • Smoother rotation
  • Numbered magazine shot count

Eagle Vision Magazine Maximum Pellet & Slugs Length

11.5mm flat head

12mm dome head

Magazine height: 49mm

please note:

this magazine are designed to be load one at the time by rotate the round pellet holder in the center you need to ~ ensure you block the hole from underneath with your finger.

Some caliber like 177 and 22 can remove the magnetic cover to load like new FX magazine with short pellets.

Fits the following rifles:

  • Dreamline (all models)
  • Maverick 
  • Crown
  • Wildcat MK3

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