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DonnyFL 1.6 x 8 inch SHOGUN

by DonnyFL
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DonnyFL Shogun Airgun Moderator

If you thought Sumo was quiet, wait until you hear Shogun. Shogun is just like Sumo in diameter but 1.5 inches longer. Has an additional 1-inch chamber, as well as increase the first expansion chamber by .5 inches and the chamber by the exit hole another .5 inches. This design is very effective.

  • Available in .25 and .30 calibers
  • Interchangeable threaded end caps to choose from
  • Mono-core design to increase accuracy and limit the chances of pellet clipping
  • No moving parts or epoxy that may become loose after 1000's of rounds
  • Precision CNC'd by professional machinist
  • Sandblasted and anodized for maximum durability
  • Take apart in less than 10 seconds by unscrewing the rear end cap and pushing back the mono-core. No silly key or torch is needed when you want to perform maintenance inside the unit.
  • Customizable, you can further dampen the sound by wrapping the interior tube with different sound absorbing materials. Comes pre-wrapped in felt
  • Machined grooves on the outside for easy handling.
  • Weight 7.2 oz
  • Comes with a protective red tube for easy transport and storage.

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