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charlies kaboom exploding target caps

Charlie's Kaboom Exploding Targets

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Charlie's Kaboom Exploding Targets

Have a blast, literally, with our Charlies Water & Soda KABOOM Combo Pack! Use these KABOOM exploding bottle caps to inflate old 2 liter, soda, or water bottles, aim, and blast away. Inflating empty soda and water bottles to 60-65Psi gives you the most explosive KABOOM potential.

Charlie's Kaboom Exploding Targets Key Features

  • Each bottle cap can be reused up to 10 times each
  • Comes with 5 cola caps, 5 water bottle caps, and an instruction card
  • Fill empty bottles with powder, liquid, or dust for added visual effects
  • Tie cap to a nearby object to prevent losing the cap after each KABOOM

Get a BIG Blast with our Charlies Water & Soda KABOOM Combo Pack! Order yours today!

Easy Instructions 

1) INFLATE - Use a hand or electric pump to inflate and pressurize the bottle. 

2) SHOOT- Shoot the bottle with any firearm, bow, or pellet gun. We recommend adding powder, liquid, or dust to make an explosive visual effect. 

3) RE-USE- To prevent losing the cap, tie the cap to another object nearby. Re-use up to 10 times.