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Athlon Midas Tripod

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$249.99 - $699.99
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Athlon Midas Tripod

Rock. Solid. Stability. Athlon’s carbon fiber tripods come ready to support your rifle with the included bowl mount or ball head. The ball head features Friction Control, Fluid Pan Control, Ball Lock, and Arca compatibility for direct-to-rifle attachment. Three-leg diameter options offer increased stability and max support weight for spotting optics or as a weapon-mount platform.

Athlon Midas Tripod Specifications

10-Layer Carbon Fiber Providing a significant increase in rigidity and damping compared to aluminum, 10 layers of carbon fiber decreases weight while increasing stability.
High-Tension Leg Locks Adjustable legs are locked into position by a high-tension Leg Lock. Take full advantage of the tripod’s high-strength legs by preventing slipping.
Multi-Axis Leveling Two circular bubble levels create a solid foundation and linear fluid pan capability through multi-axis leveling of the tripod and ball head.
Arca-Ready Compatible with the most commonly used mounting plate styles. CF/AL series tripods accept Arca-Swiss style accessories and rifle attachments.
Dual Heads CF Series tripods include a ball head, a leveling head and bowl mount. The leveling head provides an optional attachment method for heavy equipment.
Counter-Weight Hook Add additional damping stability by hanging your bag or weight on the integrated hook. Ideal for use in high-wind environments to dampen tremors.
Leg Wraps CF Series of tripods include molle-style attachment loops to secure your equipment such as wind meters, game calls, or pens within reach.
Tripod Hammock CF Series tripods include a tripod hammock. This provides a lightweight tray to easily access your most used items at a convenient working height.
Carry Options CF Series of tripods include a shoulder pad to transition your tripod’s location without collapsing and a shoulder sling to conveniently carry in the field.
Multi-Terrain Configurable Rubber feet hold firm for everyday use when positioned properly. The included spiked feet add additional stability on soft surfaces such as dirt and snow.
Storage Bag Keep your tripod clean and damage-free with the included protective storage bag. A handy transport sling is integrated into the bag as well as an internal storage pocket.

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