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Pellet Sale! buy 5 tins get the 5th FREE!

Air Venturi Carbon Fiber Tank 74 cu. ft. 4500psi

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Air Venturi Carbon Fiber Air Tank for PCP Charging Station

Assembly includes:

  • 74 cu. ft. carbon fiber tank, 4,500 psi
  • DIN 300 bar PCP charging station
  • DIN 300 bar valve with burst disc
  • Inline pressure gauge 0-6000 psi 1/8" BSPP


Air Venturi Carbon Fiber Air Tank Charging Station:

  • 4,500 psi max pressure
  • 24 in. microbore hose with 1/8" BSPP
  • Male and female threaded ends, each 1/8" BSPP
  • Stainless steel female quick-disconnect coupling attached to the output end of the hose
  • Includes test plug for checking pressure remaining in the tank


Air Venturi Carbon Fiber Tank Specifications:

  • Carbon fiber filament wound over aluminum bladder
  • 74 cu. ft. air capacity
  • 4,500 psi max pressure
  • DOT-approved
  • 9.9 lbs. dry weight
  • 6.5" wide
  • 23.5" tall to top of valve

The Air Venturi Carbon Fiber Charging Tank is one of the most popular choices among shooters looking to go lighter on their gear. The weight savings alone is enough to make this air tank a popular choice, but it also has an amazing ability to hold up to 4,500 psi worth of compressed air, which means that you'll be able to shoot for longer periods of time without having to stop to refill.

Keep your airguns loaded and ready for action with this Air Venturi 25 Caliber Magazine! This high-capacity tank has everything you need for all of your 3,000 PSI needs! It includes stainless steel fittings, a 24 Microbore Hose, and a Rubberized Hand Wheel for Controlled Filling. The Integrated Pressure Gauge will let you know when you've reached your maximum fill level, and the easy-to-access Bleed Valve is right there on the Valve!

This Air Venturi tank has a 5-year retest cycle and a 15-year life cycle. 

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