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How to Tell if Your FX Impact M3 has a Power Block Kit Installed

Without having to dissasemble your FX Impact there is a way to verify your FX Impact has the FX Power Block Kit Installed. 

The release of the FX Power Block was in April 2022 but was unofficially in production in January of 2022. The change can be seen here in the photo below.

fx power block inline change

If you take a look at the beveled edge of the silver circular valve body that sits within the FX Power Block you will see the beveled edge is the indicator of the FX Power Block.

fx impact power block kit

You may have an unbranded FX Power Block and a simple peak into the magazine well to see if you have that beveled edge will let you know which rear block you have. 

Hope this clears up any confusion on which FX Impacts have an FX Power Block.