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How to Choose the Right FX Airgun for You

How to Choose the Right FX Airgun for You

If you're looking to buy an FX Airgun, there are two key things to consider before making your purchase: the caliber and the velocity. Caliber refers to the size of the pellets you'll use with your gun, while velocity refers to how fast they'll go once they leave the barrel of your airgun. Both are important considerations when buying an airgun, but each airgun will perform differently depending on these two factors. So if you're looking to buy one of these powerful and popular airguns, read this guide on choosing the proper FX Airgun and get ready to shoot some targets!

The Different Types of FX Airguns

FX Dreamline

fx dreamline dream tac airgun

If it wasn't confusing already there are many configurations within the FX Dreamline family alone but fear not, we are here to help. For the most part it is the same action providing the same power output so its up to you to decide the budget and configuration needs. If you like the classic look then the FX Dreamline Classic might be for you. If you are a tactical guy then the FX Dreamline Tactical might be for you. The names alone help you narrow down the look that you are going for and the best part no matter the FX Dreamline rifle you choose you can always convert it to what ever you dream. See what we did there?


FX Crown mkII
The more traditional hunter will appreciate the FX Crown MKII with its power deliver and classic look of a hunting rifle. The Crown MKII can also be converted to an arrow gun with a simple barrel change. This has to be one of the best reason to get an FX Crown MKII. With the larger power plenum from the MKI it can handle pellets, slugs, and arrows. This is one of the best shouldering rifle, in our opinion, from the entire FX Airgun lineup.

FX Maverick

fx maverick airgun

A more tactical look with the ease of tuning and delivering higher power output without over thinking the tuning variables. The FX Maverick has an aluminum frame and share very similar  

FX Wildcat MKIII

fx wildcat mkiii airgun

A great offhand carry around the woods or farmland rifle to deliver powerful shots without the weight of an aluminum chassis like the FX Maverick.

FX Impact M3

fx impact m3

The most well known FX Airgun we know is the FX Impact M3 and all its prior version as well. This rifle has been evolving and has quickly became popular similar to how the AR-15 is within the firearm world. This rifle can do everything but not in a simple set up. This rifle is great out of the box for pellets and slugs such as the FX Hybrids. But if you want make a Precision High Powered Slug Slinging Machine? You are going to have to put some effort into tuning, change your barrel length, liner, hammer weight, and make sure you have a Power Block version. YEs the FX Impact can do it all, it has to be set up for each of those things to each one really well.

For newbies the tuning is easy if you are going to set it and forget it, but once you get too far in the weeds and don't know what you are doing it can become frustrating and god forbid you have a leak. This rifle has the most o-rings out of any FX Airgun. Maintenance is another consideration. We understand these are air rifles and an occasional o-ring will fail at some point so its not to say this rifle is not reliable we just want to be clear that stuff happens to any rifle and expect it as some point. We love the FX Impact M3 but for some of the new guys we just want to share all things that may come with the FX Impact M3. It is still one of the best airguns on the market today.

Choosing an FX Airgun Based on your Budget

When choosing an airgun, it is important to first establish a budget. Once you know how much you are willing and able to spend, this will quickly narrow down the search. For an example the FX Dreamline starts around $1,000, the FX Impact M3 starts at $2,000. You just have to decide what you need the rifle for and if you need all the capabilities the FX Impact has compared to the other FX Airgun lineup.

Choosing an FX Airgun Based on Your Goals

Another important factor to consider is what you will be using the gun for. If you are looking for a gun to use for hunting, you will want something with more power than if you are looking for a gun to use for target practice. Other factors such as weight and size may also be important considerations depending on your individual needs. For example, some people prefer heavier guns that offer greater stability while shooting at longer distances. There are many options when choosing an FX airgun that have adjustable features to meet different needs.

Choosing an FX Airgun Based on Experience Level

If you're experienced with airguns and love tinkering with tuning then picking an airgun might easy. However, if you're new to airguns, or just want something that works out of the box, then it's important to choose wisely. The FX Impact can do a lot but if you are new to tuning, the FX Impact M3 is easy to adjust but does not mean it is easy to tune for newbies. The FX Crown, Maverick, and Dreamline are a lot more straight forward when it comes to tuning and quicker to disassemble and retune should you even need to do so.

Which FX Airgun is Right for you?

Newbie hobbyist?- FX Crown, FX Dreamline, FX Maverick, Or FX Wildcat.
Intermediate hobbyist or small game hunting - FX Crown, FX Dreamline, FX Maverick, FX Wildcat
Experienced Airgunner - All FX Airguns are great but if you are experienced the tuning of the FX Impact M3 is not intimidating and is the perfet do all airgun that be outfitted for anything.
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