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AEA HP Carbine (Semi Auto)

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AEA HP Carbine PCP Semi Auto Airgun

A semi-auto PCP Airgun. Yes, you heard that right. AEA HP Carbine is a great compact rifle that quickly sends lead downrange. The HP Series is the most competitive performance-price ratio. In this range of prices, the performance of the AEA HP Series is peerless. Although the price is low, the quality of the materials and CNC machines used to produce these airguns are the best available in the market. They are made of high-quality aviation aluminum and a hard-anodizing finishing. High standards lead to excellent accuracy and reliability.


AEA HP Carbine Airgun Specifications

Cocking System Semi-Auto





1100   .22 Cal , 18 gr

900    .25 Cal, 26  gr

780    .30 Cal 44.75 gr


12 shots

10 shots

9 shots


45 (60 Joules)   .22 Cal

48 (64 Joules)   .25 Cal

60 (81 Joules)   .30 Cal

Barrel Length (Inches) 14
Overall Length (Inches) 35
Integral Shroud  
Air Bottle Capacity 350cc Aluminum
Fill Pressure  
  3600 PSI Max Fill Pressure
Rail 11 mm Dovetail Rail
Stock Folding Stock
Weight (lbs) 5.5
Accessories (2) Magazines , (1) 7 mm Fill Probe